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1-on-1 Mentoring Sessions - $50 per hour 

A mentoring session begins and ends with you. It is about your personal photographic journey. Through a discussion with you about where you want to go and what you are having trouble with we will address those specific needs - whether it is learning photography from scratch, working with your camera, or a specific subject matter. 


In addition to the session you will receive a DGRCP Photography Exploration Pocket Guide and access to the online Facebook community. 


Adobe Photoshop - $200 {4 hr class} 

Photoshop is an amazing tool that can help your workflow if you know how to use it. In this half day workshop we work through the interface explaining the different elements and how it can be used for photo editing and first stage graphic design and typography. I am passionate about Photoshop and confident that you will be inspired by the possibilities by the end of our time together. 


In addition to the half day session you will receive a DGRCP Adobe Photoshop Pocket Guide and access to the online Facebook community where you can continue to ask questions and have troubleshooting assistance.



Photography Exploration Group Workshop - $90 each {2 hr session for 3-5 people}


This workshop includes a tutorial on using Manual mode, lighting, composition, framing, and color. Followed by a photography walkabout with a shot list where you can challenge yourself to take more dynamic shots and practice the different settings on your camera.


In addition to our session you will receive our DGRCP Photography Exploration Pocket Guide and access to our online Facebook community. 



Skill Set Workshops - $45 each {1 hr session for 3-5 people}

Architecture Photography - coming in the Fall
Children's Photography - coming in Fall
Conceptual Photography - coming in Fall
Personal Style - coming in Fall
Street Photography - coming in the Fall
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