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I am passionate about teaching, mentoring, and sharing my expertise with others. Through working with Lindy-Ann, of RCP, we have created workshop courses and ‘pocket-guides’ to help budding photographers, hobbyists, and even professionals develop their skills. Though we now reside in different corners of the world, Lindy-Ann and I teach and mentor using our original materials as a base, allowing the essence of our collaboration to remain.


This is a unique partnership that offers extended benefits to attendees through our Facebook group. In addition to the workshops and relevant materials, you will become a part of the DGRCP community. This is a safe place where you can post your photos for constructive critiques, find encouragement, ask questions and meet other shutterbugs in your area. At the core of DGRCP collaborative we believe that creatives need fellowship and community to grow.


I hope you can join us on this journey of creativity!


Special thanks to all our members for sharing your photos in our gallery.


Please contact Katie at for information on mentoring and Workshops in Lexington, MA!

Workshop Gallery:

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