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DG - expat lifestyle family photographer


Borrowed & Blue - custom Save the Dates & invitation design

Virginia Tourism Corporation - Craft Beer Photo contest 

The Correspondent - cover & feature article

BACCH Bayt Abdullah Children's Hospice -promotional material


I have always been inspired by photography. Ever since getting my hands on my first disposable camera in elementary school, I have loved capturing images of the world around me. Growing up as a military brat and moving every 2-3 years, there was a lot I could photograph and share with friends new and old.


As most modern nomads would tell you, it is hard to settle down for too long and luckily enough I married an adventurous man. In 2012 I left a five year career in architecture to begin traveling and building our family abroad. After finally listening to the encouragement of my family and friends, I turned my passion for photography and story telling into ‘dg designs & photography’.


Today, I am a lifestyle, portrait photographer traveling the world and taking advantage of the unique opportunities presented in varying locales. I'm currently based out of Lexington, MA. My experience as an interior designer influences my vision and has refined my skill as a photographer. I will be forever thankful to the colleagues and friends that taught me to see the world through an architectural filter and helped me develop an intimate understanding of Adobe Suite.


I find that there is beauty in the most ordinary objects and moments. As I venture out each day, I seek opportunities to make memories with whichever camera I have available to share with others, especially those back home in the States. This is the spirit inspired my partner Lindy-Ann and I to create the It's a Colo{u}rful World blog  where we can share inspiration and our hearts.

My style is vibrant and saturated, focusing on the dynamic life of my subjects. To me, the key to a successful shoot is capturing relationship, laughter, and love in a sincere way that transcends the images and captivates the audience. I find fulfillment by giving people who may be separated by distance an avenue by which to remain connected through photographs. 


I'd love to share your story, contact me now!

My favorite subjects in the whole world:

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