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What should we wear?
I suggest that you wear clothes that make you feel attractive, because the more confident you are the more relaxed you will be during the shoot. When choosing outfits for family shoots it is important that they coordinate. That said, you do not have dress identically. I recommend you pick a palette with shades of one or two colors or a unifying "pop" of color. Using clothing with patterns and accessorizing is a great way to give a picture a little more interest and depth as well. If you are still struggling, as a part of your pre-session consultation, you can send me an email with pictures of your options/ideas and we can work together.
Should I bring props?
Yes! Anything from a favorite toy to treasured quilt will add a personal touch to your shots.
Note: I do have blankets and quilts to use, especially if they compliment your ensemble.
What is the process?
Once you have contacted me, we will have our pre-session consultation to discuss what your expectations are, as well as the location of your shoot.
On the day of the shoot we will meet on-site and just have fun! I will do my best to make you feel comfortable and at ease, as I know it can be a bit awkward. 
When it comes to your kids do not worry about them acting "perfect" for me. Even my crankiest clients have made beautiful models. Not to mention I'm a mom, I totally get it! I have had a few sessions where the parents were convinced none of the shots would turn out and they were pleasantly surprised.
When do I pay?
Payment for the session and any discussed post-production add-ons are due by the time of the shoot. In the case of additional post-production edits and add-ons I can accept payment via Paypal or on delivery.
What if I have to reschedule?
In the case of an emergency or illness we can reschedule your session for another day. For any other changes less than two days prior to the shoot there will be a $20 rescheduling fee added to your final payment.
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